Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Yesterday the weather was very quiet. It was the 7th workingday in a row that I went home with bicycle. There was still Bami in the freezer, I warmed it, so I did not loose much time with cooking.

Last Saturday I started reading the papers (Were some interesting articles about safari in Kenya, a house for disabled people in Uganda and about state of research to cancer). Yesterday evening I started reading a novel (the first in 6 years time): Simenon: 'Maigret se perde'. I also downloaded from Hunter S. Thomson: Hell's Angels: A strange and Terrible Saga (In .rtf format, so it can be read by MS Word). I will start the Hell's Angels book after I finished the Simenon.

Monday, March 08, 2004

The village

Last weekend I stayed in my apartment in Noordwijkerhout. For a change (the first time in 6 years) I decided to meet no people on Sunday the whole day. In the morning I cleaned my house and wash some clothes. In the afternoon I went for a walk through the dunes and over the beach. In the dunes I saw roes in the wild! There were also trees (pinetrees, the part hout in Noordwijkerhout means wood) . On the beach I could lie down for a while and smoke some sigarettes (the weather was very nice). On the way back I passed by 4 pubs, but I went not inside. Coming home it was time to prepare the dinner (minestronesoup and bread with sardines). After dinner I drink 1 beer and went to bed.

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