Monday, December 22, 2003


Just arrived back from Kenya. I was originally planning to go with Assunta, but her demands were to high, so I decided to change her ticket to Nitana, my Surinam gilfriend who I know for more then 20 years now. I did not tell Assunta that she was not going anymore (but she could have known) so she discovered when she was going to the travel agency that her name on the ticket was changed to the name of an other person.

I did tell Assunta I was going to Isla Margaritainstead of Kenya, but 2 days after my arrivel in Mombasa I met Sauda, I grilfriend of Assunta, so Assunta knew the same day I was in Mombasa.

Assunta decided to come to Mombasa the next flight, but before she arrived I already knew, so the security of the Hotel did not allow her to come inside.

After a couple of days I met Lucy, a very nice Kikuyu woman. Most of the time we spent together and the second week we went to a hotel in Mtwapa,a village 6 km from the hotel in Bamburi beach.

Soon I will publish some pics of the holiday.

Next year I will go by train from Mombasa to Kampala (Uganda) to see the Giorillas fuck in the woods.

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