Monday, September 29, 2003

Found apartment in the center of Noordwijkerhout. Tomorrow sign the contract. Last Friday night went out late, but Assunta even more late. When she tried to call me on the phone I was already sleeping, so she smashed the phone of Barend (better to smash his phone, then mine or hers). Sunday I started to clean Cindy's (the youngest daughter of Assunta) room. I discovered remainings of 3 years old bread and a lot of spiders and other insects. I am afraid that chemical cleaning is not good enough, so I will have to replace the carpet.

Friday, September 19, 2003

We agreed at 138,000 euros. Looking for apartment in Leiden or neighbourhood now.

Thursday, September 11, 2003


Yesterday my real estate agent called me and told me that there is a serieus buyer for my apartment in Amsterdam. The buyer did a bid of 134,000 euro: I did ask before 149,000 euro and lowered my bid to 139,000 euro yesterday. Today I will hear wether the buyer agrees. After selling my apartment there will be money left to do something nice in the Gambia (like starting my own restaurant). After moving out from Amsterdam (not really, because most of the time I will stay in Assunta's place) I want to rent apartment in Leiden and also take Jennifer with me to that apartment.

Monday, September 08, 2003


Made some nice Dutch food last Friday....Collyflower, green beans, cow meat and boiled patatoes. Assunta went out with her borrowed wheelchair, she called me 2:00h in the night wether I could bring her home....so I did, and we talked till 4:00h in the morning. Saturday I started to clean the kitchen of Ass. .....well kitchen, it's more an insect house: I counted 5 different species in large amounts: cockroaches, flies, mosquitos, spiders and last but not least (under the sink, there was a small pot with water isnside, because it was leaking a little bit) mosquito larves. That day I made enough 'nasi speciaal' for the whole weekend: the children love it! Sunday, after finishing the kitches I met Jan, we drink some beers with more friends in 'de Brandhoek' and 'Dupont'. On my way home from there I passed by ' 't Poortje' Esther (Surinam) and Jeanique (Central African Republic) were there...did have some nice talk with them. In the night (2:00h) Assunta called the door: she tumbled from her wheelchair and lost her keys...she was very drunk again. Well all together I did have a nice weekend.

Friday, September 05, 2003

Yesterday my first dance (muchacha) lessons from Sue in café 'de Valk'. Here aunt was there too this time...looks like Albert (Alberto) has to rename his café in 'EL HALCÓN'. Sue promised to come with her mother to Amsterdam soon. This evening I will be cooking for Assunta and the kids...Dutch food. The weekend I will see Jan, who has holiday from his job in Turkey.

Monday, September 01, 2003

Did have nice evening last Friday. Went with Assunta and 2 of her girlfriends to new salsa café 'Una otra mas'. Later I went home (Assunta's place) and Ass. went on having a nice evening with her girlfriends. 4:30h in the morning she called me on the phone that she could not walk, because her leg was broken. I collected her with 'snorder', it appeared she broke her leg in fight with the police. Next day she went to hospital for plaster. That saturday I did do the shopping and cooking for her and the children. Sunday I cleaned the fridge and kitchen and collected some beers for her.

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