Friday, August 29, 2003

This evening I have 2 appointments...With Ass. and Esther. Think I just go for a drink in the new salsa café of Haki. Yesterday nice evening in café 'de Valk' with Sue and Anita (the mother of Sue). Think it will work out right soon. The weather will be rainy this weekend, so I have to look for indoor activities. After work first to café ''t Poortje'.

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Got the keys.

Monday, August 25, 2003

Have seen Sue last weekend in 'de Valk'. We are getting more close now....I am alowed to touch her legs, and kiss her warmly before I go. Saturday been to ' 't Pleintje', hear that the terrace of 'Brandhoek' was completely destroyed after some 20 Africans fight there last Friday evening. Sunday afternoon I met Esther, a Suriname woman that lost her house after she used cocaine for 1 year, and was influenced by Winty (Suriname Voodoo). We made appointment to go to the sauna next Friday (but no fucking, she said. We'll see). This week I also get the keys of Assunta's place.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Yesterday again! ....no alcohol...have been swimming. Think I have to drink a lot this weekend, before I get too healthy. When I walk strait up and work twice as hard as normal my colleagues will fear me..... This afternoon, after work I go to cafe 'De Valk'. The weekend don't know yet...the weather forecast is very unsure.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Strange feelings

My hands are no longer shaking. The pouches under my eyes are gone. I am no longer dizzy. I have to hunt young women from my back. I think I drunk too much water this summer.

Sunday, August 17, 2003


It was a messy weekend. Friday night I stayed in Katwijk, because the weather forcast was good for Saturday, but at 11:15h in the morning the sun was not yet shining, so I went back to Amsterdam. In the center of Amsterdam I met Tom, a friend that is working for the railway. Because of his drinking problem, he decided to quit drinking 1 month ago. Saterday I still couldn't follow his drinking of beer. Today Tom has interview at his workingplace about getting back his job on the train, when they don't want him again he will leave the country (That's what he is saying). Sunday the weather was supposed to be good for the beach again, so I went to Katwijk. But after 1 hour the sun was gone and the temperature low, so I went back to Amsterdam, which is also boring on Sunday's.

Friday, August 15, 2003


Yesterday I went to café "de Valk" in Leiden after work. There she was....Sue from the Dominican Republic. She did take hair extensions (rasta) and looked hot. Sue is 24 of age and has a daughter of 5. The daughter of Sue lives with the father the child. Sue is having a boyfriend (truckdriver), but I don't think that this goes alright, because I always see her alone or with her mother (42 of age, so younger then me) in the café. Sue was angry with me, because last time I called her a bitch (she is a bitch). I was very exited to see her again and sent an SMS message to Jan in Turkey. He replied and gave me good advise: "neuke!" (dutch for fuck). I let Sue read the advise and she repied to Jan: "Ik ben geen opblaaspop" (I am not an inflateble doll). Now the ice was broken.

She showed me her legs and I got a hard dick (not easy to hide in the café). When she left she gave 3 big kisses. Till next time, Sue!

Tomorrow the weather will be nice for the beach, so you people know how to find me!

Oh...forgot to say: Wednesday I went out for dinner with Assunta in "Gouden Leeuw": it was Surinam food that day. Assunta always try to embarrass me, but this time it took 20 minutes before she found something. After 20 minutes she saw a dog eating from the same kind of plate the people eat from, so she told me: I am never going to eat here again, because the dogs eat here from the plates.....well the first 20 minutes where nice (think that this a record for Ass.)

Monday, August 11, 2003

No beach last weekend..everywhere in the country nice weather, just the coast has clouds and fog. So I went to kwakoe (http://www.kwakoe.nl). Magda (Eritrea, best 'friend' of Assunta) is looking more and more horny at me.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Side effects:

Because of the hot weather I drink a lot of water and fruit juices. My shit looks and smells normal now.
Wednesday afternoon: beach
Thursday afternoon: beach
Friday: no beach
Tomorrow: beach with Nitana
Sunday: beach

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Friday I first went out in Leiden...cafe 'de Valk' opposite mill. Round the corner there, I eat shoarma. After Leiden to center of Amsterdam, first Dominican place 'Bugatti' (strange: Italian name for spanish speaking bar)..after that (it was 3:00 in the morning already) to disco 'San Francisco'...a wrong discotheque visited by prostitutes, pimps and drugsdealers...nice place!

In 'San Francisco' a Spanish prostitute brought me to the corner, opened my pants and started playing with my dick and balls...the next morning I noticed my phone (which was also in my pants) was gone.

The way home I took 'snorder' (illegal taxi). I entered the back seat of the snorder where also a beautiful African woman was sitting...she told me she was from Uganda and gave me her phonenumber.

So next morning I called her and we met in 'Kwakoe' (South American/African festival in Bijlmer). But being sober. and with day-light, the beautiful Uganda woman appeared to be a very ugly Negerian prostitute. Fortunately soon Assunta appeared so I did still have a nice day. The rest of this week, I will mainly spend on the beach.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Last Saturday I went to the carnival in Rotterdam with Nitana...was very nice. After I came back Assunta (Kenya) saw the pictures of Nitana and me from the carnival last year...she tore the pictures (I really like it when she shows she loves me). This evening I go to cafe 'de Valk', Leiden. I hope to see Sue (Dominican Republic) and her mother. Tomorrow gay-parade in Amsterdam, Sunday the beach in Katwijk.

Carnival 2003:


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